Selamat Malam

Selamat malam. Haha..saja nak bagi ada post kat blog ni. Satu lagi gambar yang dihasilkan melalui aplikasi iPhone, Phoster. Gambar latarbelakang diambil berhampiran rumah aku dan telah di filter menggunakan Instagram.


Too many amazing applications in Apple Store, so it’s difficult for me to make choices which one is the best.
After make some review, I decided to try out Phoster, an application to create posters and cards. Below is my first poster using this great app….

Upload photo using ios WordPress

This picture was taken using iPhone 3G, ios 4.2.1 at TGV Jusco, Penang.
I upload it straight from iPhone camera roll using WordPress for ios.
So now I must find a way how to upload video from iPhone 3G since the ‘original ios’ do not support videos in camera roll.
I guess it could be no problem if we upload using iPhone 3Gs and above.

Update: No solution for uploading video using iPhone 3G